3 Dimensions of Fit that Matter in Hiring Sales People

When it comes to hiring sales people, many stereotypes play a role, and most of them are wrong, wrong, wrong!

One often herars about the notion of ‘fit’ – the sales person has to fit into the company culture. Not entirely wrong, yet on the list of priorities, its number 3.   And the least important.

Some people will protest, and say things like they have to be honest, or have values we  care about, or have integrity. OK – that’s true, yet that has nothing to do with sales. You should ask for those same things when hiring an accountant, or lawyer, or systems analyst. Even reception needs those qualities.

The 3 things that count most when it comes to ‘fit’ in sales are in this order:

  1. the customers and the markets to be served
  2. the sales organization
  3. the degree of resistance the seller will face
  4. and last in the list, the rest of the company

Okay, so that’s 4 things, and when you get down to the details, it gets a lot more detailed than that.

In another article, we’ll address the high cost of turnover for sales people – and its a lot!

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